no line on the horizon

I am a U2 fan. All my friends know this they speak to me U2 quotes so that i understand better, they play mysterious ways to make me happy and give me original CD gifts. The latest being no line on the horizon.

Or shall i say i was a U2 fan… Although the music is generally good this album sounds like a very final mix of old tunes coming from different albums years ago; the lyrics although still interesting choice of words, lack the meaning the rhythm, the rhyme of what made the joshua three,  the unforgettable fire and achtung baby so special and so especially U2. What U2 is doing in the last 15 years is anything but unforgettable. In fact it is so much drifting away from its best that it was probably better left off record. The last few albums convey no real message no good vibe, no more questions no end of the world feeling no searching for the real thing. The album sounds too easy-going, calm and settled. This is so disappointing for people who still haven’t found what they are looking for, so cruel! Of course loyal fans are ready to find herselves associated with the sea girl from no line on the horizon song but this is only for a while before reaching for some good old piece again.

Are U2 too old to rock or are they simply dead?

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