Frustrated, betrayed, disillusioned,

Half-certain, Half-mad, halfhearted

We are setting forth to a promise

On the road where you rolled

Your false scriptures

Your upward trends, your dead theories, your social contracts.

The pavement is being picked up and starts flying at you.

Overqualified, underrepresented,

Uprooted, underprivileged,

Cosmopolitan, gender neutral,

Universal, humanistic, humane

Irrelevant brains…

Who needs our common sense?

Irrational, spontaneous, natural

Intense, anxious, hysterical

Creative, brave, insane,

Unpredictable, irresistibly


Who needs such a tool?

Strong and sturdy, resilient,

Physically and mentally tough

Heavy-lifters, night-shifters,


And drivers of trucks

Who needs their trails through the dark?

How much do we have too many,

Unemployed, non-contributing, uninsured,

Unproductive, unskilled, inflexible,

Unfit for corporate identity,




Inconvertible to human resources?

Angry, indebted, at risk.

On the verge of collapse.

This is not a storm in a glass.

This is your middle class.

Your households, electorate, citizens,

Demonstrators, protesters, revolutionaries,

Rebel-tax-payers, ex-owners, losers


But still patient,

The nation!

Not defined by its occupation

But by its lack of relation

To power

To money

To parliamentary representation.

They have a power point message,

Jargon-free, politically incorrect,


Coming not from the left-right discourse,

Not from statistically aggregated scores

But from own life experience

Of excluded obedience

Simple message is ranted

“You can’t take us for granted!”

To this Wall Street awakens

And in Oakland there’s violence.

Respectively there are heroes.

But while no one was watching

On the backstreets where dark is

Somewhere north of Greece

In the beginning of the East

But not yet in Russia

Our voices are harsher.

Grumpy, desperate, tired

Existentially lonely we are vastly diverse

Geographically dispersed

Socially inhomogeneous

Culturally ambiguous

Neither here nor there

We don’t rant but we swear.

We have no ideology.

We don’t need no apology.

On the buses from Prague

In the railway stations

Migrant workers, sex slaves and PhD students

With no nerves or no manners

We don’t carry no banners

We are all going home.

We have nothing in common.

With no confidence in the process

In reforms, institutions and ballot boxes

In the inalienability of our constitutional rights.

We resort to fights!

And to racial violence even.

Not because we are simple bigots.

But because you failed to install justice

And defaced our freedoms.

This is not some chaotic anxiety

This is your civil society.

In full sobriety.

Asking for self-restraint.

I am always amazed,

When I go to America and hear the activists speak,

Not for fun or out of deprivation

But of duty and in confirmation

That a citizen must speak or lose.

This trust in communication

And the realization

That you are so deaf to the Public Sphere


Brings me to tears.

But I hear your laughter.

Democracy is a show for the EU

And to you

We are no good for better.

You repulse me.

I write you a letter.

What you make out of politics is disgrace

But disgrace we can face.

We are here and many and ranting.

We are granted permission for camping

To express the deep frustration

Of more than one generation

With this false legitimization

Of rule.

The world is no longer your fool.

31.10.2011, Vienna

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