Budapest Subway Musicians

Every time I come to Budapest there is something new here – a street, a facade, a monument, a cafe, a park or a bike lane.  This time i was welcomed by a new approach to subway musicians. All of a sudden the music played in the underpasses  of main squares got better. On Ors Vezer Tere a whole Klezmer band with no less than six musicians was filling the air with rhythm. Kalvin Ter after midnight has a female saxophone player whose music was romantic and sad and Astoria often invites you to a James Carter like performance as you walk home.

I do not know how this works is it organized or spontaneous; do they have to stand a competition to be allowed to play there like the bands on the Paris metro or do they just appear from somewhere. But they are brilliant. This guy, toothless but smiling, performed Tom Jones’ Delilah on a kind of a handmade guitar in the Astoria underpass.  How it sounded? Even better than the real thing.

So if you need a reason to stay out late in Budapest get some change and enjoy the show!

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