“Depends on the partner”

World champion in women’s free style wrestling under 74 kg. Stanka Zlateva was a guest at Slavi’s Show. For my non-Bulgarian readers “Slavi’s Show” is the most popular talk show in Bulgaria led by a smart ass in vulgar language and mobster cool pose who acts funny and critical but is neither sharp nor a thinker. there is of course a band and a ballet and a group of actors who mock politicians and whoever makes it into the daily headlines. People who watch this show regularly also vote for Boyko Borisov: another example that people prefer power and primitive to reason and rhyme.

So Stanka Zlateva was a guest at Slavi’s Show after wrestling to the gold. He asks her how she prepares for a match, does she watch videos of her competitors in advance to guess their strategy, he finally asks her what is her winning move.

“It depends on the  partner” she says, “I just go there and see what is going on and do my best accordingly”.  She doesn’t watch videos because they are always of other situations with other partners. She approaches her every match concentrating in one thing only – staying calm.

Maybe adjusting your game to the game of the partner is the best strategy in many sports. Bg football players, take note! But the image of the wrestler makes it so much easier to understand. No scheme or prior plan can help you if your partner acts in an unforeseen way. The mental capacity to adjust to a fast moving reality is what gets you the gold. Once you have the technique. So have your technique and go wrestle back.

Of course Slavi did not get that and kept acting very surprised that no videos were involved in the training. Because it was so written in his script and because he just doesn’t get it. He tells his guests how special they are but he cannot recognize special when he sees it.  This lack of perception and not the vulgar language is what makes him so banal and boring. To me.